Hello, I'm Tristan Ahumada.

CEO of Lab Coat Agents and Success People Editor. I'm here to share with you how personalities, relationships, and communication shape business success.


My Story

My journey in real estate began in 2004, and by the age of twenty-four, I was honored as Rookie of the Year at Century 21. This early achievement through door knocking and cold calling was just the beginning. In 2014 after speaking around the US for Realtor.com, I founded Lab Coat Agents, starting as a Facebook group and growing it into the largest and most influential real estate community online. The group’s success paralleled my own, as my real estate team surpassed $100 million in volume by 2015, cementing our place in the top 1% of U.S. agents.

This success wasn’t just about numbers; it was about the impact and the ability to drive change in the real estate landscape. In the same process I was able to help multiple tech and software companies while also consulting Facebook and Instagram for four years.

Lab Coat Agents, through its growth, became a beacon for the latest in tech, resources, and systems that scale businesses. My passion for technology and systems has not only allowed me to test the latest products but also to create effective automation systems for the real estate community. My belief in free access to resources for business growth drives my efforts to support individuals worldwide. Now with A Brilliant Tribe we are opening new doors!


My mission is to enhance the process for the real estate agent, ensuring that the right systems and tech is in place while helping all agents stay ahead of the market. I strive to be a valuable resource and a credit to the communities I serve, keeping the dreams and hopes of people alive through real estate.

Group Coaching

Elevate your real estate journey with ABT's Group Coaching — from foundational growth in The First Year, through our renowned Pathfinder program, to transformative strategies for teams in Visionaries Group Coaching.

1-on1 Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching with Tristan. This exclusive coaching program is meant to provide you with organizational and system solutions that will allow your business to run without you.

Digital Marketing

A Brilliant Tribe Digital Marketing unlocks the power of social media and cutting-edge technology to foster community engagement and brand growth. Let us guide you on the path to digital success.


A Brilliant Tribe represents more than a group; it’s a mission-driven community aimed at empowering leaders and innovators. Whether you’re a mother, father, sibling, or hold any influential role, you have the power to impact lives.

Our aim is to support you in that role, providing tactics and strategies to grow your company effortlessly and effectively. It’s about being a great example and a true leader in every aspect of life. From the new experienced broker owner we’ve got the tools and the people to help you achieve massive success.


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